Personal Styling and Image Consultancy

NFD_LV_TRIANGLE10I offer clients a bespoke service designed to enhance the way you approach your personal style, overall image and take the stress out of shopping helping to create your ultimate wardrobe.

“Bianca’s styling is effortless. It really doesn’t matter what your requirements are, I’ve seen her work her magic in all areas. She’s a grounded and thoughtful woman who listens to your concerns regarding body shape and desired image whilst acknowledging your colouring and lifestyle needs.”
– Siobhan Dillon

If you feel you are stuck in a style rut and your image is letting you down by not representing you at your best or you find shopping a stressful, uneventful experience then my services are just what you need!

After working in the fashion industry for the last 5 years with some of the most luxury brands and top celebrities I have gained invaluable experience.

Combined with my knowledge and contacts I have devised a number of services allowing me to cater to your individual requirements allowing us to get the most out of our appointment.

I work with both men and women who may lack confidence in their personal image, body and style or who may just need help updating their wardrobe. With my extensive knowledge in seasonal trends and designers it is easy for me to help create your perfect look and the ultimate up to date wardrobe.

If you would like to find out more about my list of services please click on the links below.

Initial Consultation
I offer a free 30 minute consultation either in person or over the phone where we will discuss your requirements and expectations from our future appointments. This will help determine what services you will most benefit from.
Colour Analysis

I have trained with the Body Beautiful Institute based in LA studying colour analysis. The system used is unique and has been created by renowned colour and image expert Carla Mathis at Body Beautiful. This often works as a good starting point as it involves determining your individual colour palette creating harmony between your own personal colouring and the colours that you wear. It incorporates your personality and individual colour pattern so works to enhance your individual style.

I offer an hour session during which time we will discuss:

• Your skin tone, hair colour and eyes affecting which colours, tones and resonance you are most suited to.

• After creating your personal colour palette we will discuss how to wear them in terms of items of clothing and accessories. You will have your own personal booklet and notes to keep and refer to as a future reference. You will also have your own colour swatches personally designed.

Wardrobe analysis

I can come to your home and analyse the entire content of your wardrobe. This is vital in determining what you already own and what you want to achieve in terms of personal style. This can be beneficial as a seasonal exercise or as a yearly exercise.

During this session I will:

Discuss your personal style, what clothing you already have and what you enjoy wearing giving me a clear understanding of your current style and your future objectives.

I take into consideration your personality, life style and individual requirements.

What you think works and what areas you would like to improve.

Advise on alterations to existing garments. You may have pieces that you love to wear but need slight alterations to suit your body shape to it’s full potential.

Essentially I will unclutter your wardrobe leaving room for new and exciting pieces that I can assist on buying during a personal shopping trip.

Personal shopping

You and I will go shopping together which will make a sometimes stressful experience relaxed and enjoyable. It will be an opportunity to learn about seasonal trends and I will introduce new shops and styles that you may have previously overlooked.

I offer half a day, full day or shopping trips away. During our time together we will:

• Discuss your personal style and what you feel it’s lacking.

• What you hope to get out of our time together. For example you may need a perfect outfit for a special occasion or a whole new wardrobe.

• I will encourage you to try new styles and accessories, as it is essential to finding outfits that suit.

• I will give tips on putting together outfits and getting the most out of what you buy.

Corporate Events
I offer group seminars on personal styling and Image. For more information please write to me via my contact page.


If you would like to discuss working with me or any of my services in more detail please go to my contact page.